2022 Game 1

Raiders 18 – Rangers 3

Last nights season opener was one for the books. Your Kelowna Raiders did some damage on the score board against the Princeton Rangers taking Princeton’s home opener 18-3.
A little bit of rough stuff from the Rangers didn’t seem to deter the offensive machine led by Andrew Garant with enough check marks next to his name to make the score sheet read like a game of dominos. Could have been 9, maybe 12 … it was 2 handfuls to say the least.
Darcy Rhodes seemed to capitalize on Garant’s soft hands with more assist then a 1986 Mark Messier. While Tarrin Davies and Leigh Kinakin potted a couple of top shelf ticklers to stay in the scoring race.
Typically Cory Siegner would make a stronger scoring appearance but he was ejected in the first 10 minutes for the heinous and despicable act of standing politely by his own bench while a fight ensued 60 feet away. What a thug.
In typical Raiders fashion our 6’ tall 6’ deep defense laid out its own brand of Viking justice to the Rangers offence holding them to one breakaway and a few shots near the blue line. As always, goaltending was immaculate.
See you all this Friday at 7:30pm in our home barn in Rutland for some high flying Raiders ball as they take on league rivals and the brightest jerseys in the game the Armstrong Clovers.

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