2022 Game 2

Friday night your beloved Kelowna Raiders hosted their arch rivals the Armstrong Clovers. The home opener saw packed stands filled with some of Kelowna’s finest, showing up to root on the home town boys.

Leigh Kinakin opened up the scoring and the key lock to the goalies jock strap early in the first with a beauty full court dash. From there the offence went about to chipping away at the Armstrong defence. And by chipping away I mean pulling out the pick axes and chainsaws to cut down this mammoth defence. I’m not sure what trickery they used to lure these giants into jerseys but there is something in the water in Armstrong. Led by their 6’2 full back Devin Rogers this two ton defence went to work on the boys. That said our KTown heroes are made of tougher stuff then cinder blocks and goals began to flow with Tarrin Davies pulling out his typical style of high flying offence he led the charge with 4 tallies. Andy Garant and Darcy Rhodes played off each other with a fast paced, ping pong offence, reminiscent of Ma Long at the 2012 London Olympics to keep the Raiders in the back of the net. Armstrong brought its own brand of lumber jack offence, lacking a little moisturizer on the hands they did manage to stay in the game and get the job done, matching the Raiders offence goal for goal.

They had their rough hands full with a Raiders defence that lived up to the motto of Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood! Let’s just say I can tell you first hand that Red doesn’t mix well with yellow and green jerseys. Goaltending as always was immaculate.As time wound down in the third the offensive Raiders clock stuck 11 and their mighty opponents, and hard playing arch rivals fell to the final push.

Raiders win 11-10. Ice packs and cold beers were enjoyed by all after the game. Join us for our next home game May 8th as we take on the up and coming Kamloops Rattlers.

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