2022 Game 3

Well sports fans your local hometown hero’s played a fired up and much anticipated game against a 2-0 Kamloops Rattles last night.

Kamloops came flying out the gate with a full bench and a can do attitude that money just can’t buy. They matched your Raiders goal for goal  for the first 3 and that’s when the Raiders cranked up the juice. It was highlight reel offence with the usual suspects #15 Tarrin Davies and #12 Andrew Garant putting on an absolute clinic. Backhands, cross hands, dunks and dives pummeling the Kamloops Keeper who stood on his head despite the constant onslaught.

And just like that It was 1992, I was 12 years old watching the Harlem Globetrotters vs The Generals wondering why, oh why, would they make this legal in sports.

The Rattles tried to keep there composure but the long jog to K-Town left their legs a little shaky as the 18 strong Raiders were
just getting their Jordan’s worn in. With a non stop Petri Striko fast break the Raiders kept the oxygen makers pumping, their roster bolstered by a few young buck call ups and the Adonis of Defense himself #9 Leigh Kanakin.

Unfortunately for Kamloops the sonic depth of the Raiders lineup didn’t stop there. #8 George Takaberry, hot of the heals of another beautiful addition to his family, laced up the size 12’s and was a force to be reckoned with. The Rattles even had a tough time with the tough stuff as #20 Evan Helgesen circles their bench like Jaws 3: The Reckoning…..no takers, no tarps off.

Goaltending as always was immaculate
#29 Player of the game.

Final score saw your Kelowna Raiders take first place in the league with a 13-3 W over the Kamloops Rattles.

Next game is on the road Sunday May 15th as Kamloops will look for revenge in their hometown barn. Stay tuned for more local lacrosse updates. 

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