2022 Game 4

Well scratch my back with a hacksaw your Kelowna Raiders made the trip to Dune Country BC and put on a show!

With revenge on their minds for last weeks 13-3 shellacking the Kamloops Rattles vowed after the game that they would be bringing their A team. Smack was talked and the gauntlet was thrown. Unfortunately their loud mouthed optimism was heard by your hometown hero #12 Andrew Garant who decided to put their challenge to the test. With a short bench the K-Town boys had their doubts and a quick goal by Captain Kamloops #18 AJ Lockwood right off the draw had the boys reeling, but their doubts quickly quelled as Garant grabbed his lunch kit, punched the clock, and went to work. With unwavering spirit and a heart the size of a watermelon #12 deified the opposition and went full Stallone in a Rocky 4 remake and the Dolph loving Rattlers hit the canvas and struggled to beat the 8 count. With weak knees and a broken spirit the situation ran bleak for Kamloops at the ol’ Memorial Arena as the offensive machine rallied around the impenetrable aura of Andy Garant and took up his call. #19 The Guelph Gunner Mark Wilson unloaded with 5 cannons the goalie could barely comprehend and back in action off the injured reserves came the Sultan of Smacktalk, #2 Chris Phillips burying 2 in his first outing of the year.

Andrew Garant continued his demoralizing decimation of the Kamloops defence finishing with an always impressive 9 and 6. Kids, your generation didn’t have a Bo Jackson but trust me when I tell you, Andrew knows lax


Wounded and cornered with no way out Kamloops turned feral and pulled out the lumber but sadly their chainsaws were outta gas and they couldn’t muster a tempo swing. The Raiders D-Line held true with #20 Tanner Belsham’s intense bodywork getting deep under the skin of the already irritated offence.

Goaltending as always was immaculate.

When the dune dust finally settled from the whirlwind tornado of the Kelowna Raiders the score board read this… Raider Win 18-4. The Raiders head to Vernon this Thursday to take on the Pussycats and defend their undefeated season. Good luck to the boys in black as we wish them well in their conquest of the Interior Lacrosse Division.

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