2022 Game 5

Last nights heated lacrosse action saw your beloved K-Town Raiders take on the Vixens of Vernon in their home town barn, the behemoth mega bowl that is Kal-Tire Place.

When I say behemoth I mean it folks, this floor is a lung burner! Andy Garant had the boys in black working out all week with his own brand of 1942, your heading off to Europe, US Army calisthenics. Needless to say that is the level of commitment #12 commands of his squad and they always turn up and turn out!

With that in mind, the ball was placed between two sticks and the whistle blew. Draw man and all around beauty #2 Chris Phillips dominated the centre circle from the first draw to the last and his get the ball squad switched their sticks to vacuum mode and hoovered up lose balls like a Molly Maid on mommy’s little helpers.

Vernon may not have had luck on the draws but that didn’t stop them early from firing some beauty cross crease grenades that left the Raiders D a little shell shocked. #17 Captain K-Town Sean Blake calmed his troops and set up a full press, man to man Defence that shut down the Tigers O.

It was an old time showing at the opposite end of then floor as Thunder Twins #33 Cory Siegner and #22 Darcy Rhodes activated their National rings and decided to show the young bucks what lacrosse looked like in the 90’s. With empowering visions of short shorts, high socks and epic flowing mullets the dynamic duo put on a well designed pick and roll clinic that would have made the Gait Brothers proud. With 3 goals and 3 assists a piece this old adage holds true. “There’s no school like the old school”.

The first period came to a close at 7-4 and that’s when Andy G’s extra training kicked into overdrive. With Vernon’s troops starting to show the signs of fatigue #12 took full advantage with a plethora of points that no one could stop and just like that the Gretzky of lax hits 52 on the season. Unfortunately for Vernon the training program went both ways and the Defence cranked it to 11 with game star Tanner Belsham cracking bones all over the back half.

Goaltending as always was immaculate and in this affair it went both ways with #1 Josh Point for the Vernon Tigers making diving saves the likes of a 1996 Vezina winner Dominik Hasek. Always a class act on and off the floor, the Raiders tip their hats to this beauty!

Despite Points best efforts the jelly settled into the legs of the Tigers and when D-Day ended the score board read Raiders Win 18-6. The boys in black have a couple weeks off before their next home game on June 10th and boy have they earned it. Stay tuned for more high flying lacrosse action as the back half of the season begins.

And as always a huge shout out to photographer extraordinaire Jessi Davison’s of Davidson.Productions

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