2022 Game 6

After a mid season hiatus the hometown Raiders were back in action last night against a 13 man roster of guys with sticks and matching jerseys.

The boys in black were out in full effect with their injured list cleared of all breaks, tears, sprains and drips. That’s right folks this Raiders line up is 100% healthy and ready to produce… W’s.

The game seemed to start off slow as all the fans blinked at once and missed the first 4 Raider goals. 2 minutes in and the opposition was already on the ropes like Ali VS Foreman except this rope-a-dope didn’t appear to be a clever ruse. With newcomer #16 Jacob McMillan scoring his first Raiders goal it was off to the races for this St.Catherine’s Junior A Ontario League champion.

Why did he pick the Raiders? Could have been the high level team play, could have been our love of the game….could have been the sandy white beaches and the champagne powder. We may never know!,but this Saint Cath’s superstar is a welcome addition.

On the topic of firsts, the Raiders welcome back one of their Langley Thunder alumni Cody Teichreob who put on an all around show hitting more posts then a teenage Instagram model. The talented Raiders offence movedthe ball with a Tesla like efficiency that produced more apples then the garden of Eden. #12 Andy Garant and his disciples of distribution Darcy Rhodes and Cody Teichreob all tallied 4+ assists, while #15 Tarrin Davies potted 5 to the back of the net. Goal of the night belonged to none other then #2 “The Sultan of Smacktalk” Chris Phillips with a cross crease one timer that made the crowd question the existence of a higher power. Defensively #6 Chris Mondor and #9 Leigh Kanakin ran the floor with all the vigour you would expect from good looking gentlemen putting together that number combination.

Goaltending as always was immaculate.

As the 12th round came to close, the classic Ali rope-a-dope did indeed proved ineffective against this heavyweight juggernaut as the Raiders continue along their path of destruction.

Raiders win 16-4

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