2022 Game 8

Friday night and the stage was set. The hometown Clovers, pride of Armstrong BC, took the floor to the standing cheers of a packed house. The good ol’ boys of western lacrosse lined the glass like caricatures of some mediocrely written Hunter S. Thompson piece. In some circles this game was bigger then the Mint 400 and the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl, Armstrongs last shot at redemption against the undefeated megaliths of the Okanagan.
Kelowna poised and focused looked through the sea of gold and green, the last stand of an Undefeated season. As the boys in black took the Away side of the floor the home town crowd went wild, smacking the glass with farmstead hands and hooting jeers and taunts like a midnight owl perched atop the haystacks.
Undeterred the Raiders took the circle, the ball was placed and the whistle blew. Armstrong moved fast with the energy of the crowd and took the opening draw into the Raiders defensive line, #29 Captain Clark came off a high screen and like a lighting strike on a clear prairie night the ball ripped through the air… the crowd erupts… Armstrong leads 1-0.
But the boys in black are as hard as the concrete that forms their city and they dig with pick and shovel into the soil of the Armstrong landscape making them earn every hole they till to plant a seed. Armstrong bodies litter the floor like fallen wheat as the Raiders defense plows against them over and over again. The crowd, unused to seeing their giants fall, call out for retribution on the other end but Kelowna is fast and begins to mount against the tiring defense.
Back and forth, goal for goal, period after period the battle continues but slowly and surly as the game progresses the green and gold, exhausted by the finesse of their opponents, begin to falter and take to penalties. The Raiders, showing the same poise they started the game with, stand back and watch the Armstrong earth close in upon itself.
Even the crowd can sense the winds changing directions and are powerless to offer any more support to their hometown boys. Murmurs of acceptance begin to escape the lips of the fans old and young alike. Early questions of disgruntled disdain begin to change forms, “pfff, who is this #12 Garnet”…..”Andrew Garant you say, 70 points?, Langley Thunder”……”well hard to stop something like that, hell of a ball player”. He wins them over like all leaders do.
As the Sunshine fades and the hay has been reaped the score board stays lit until the final buzzer. #12 Andrew Garant finishes with 8 points, #19 “The Guelph Gunner” Mark Wilson with 4. The Raiders defenders led by #20 Evan Helgesen take home the MVP as a unit and as always goaltending was immaculate.
The Kelowna Raiders, your hometown hero’s, take the game 8-6 and take home an undefeated season. They played with heart and class and are poised and ready to do some full line damage in the playoffs.
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