2022 Playoffs Round 1

A huge Raider cheers to all the sports fans who made it out to Ol’ Memorial Arena last night. Sweat was falling freely in the stands as the balmy Friday night, Okanagan air failed to bring relief.
The Vernon Tiger Lillies drew the short straw at the playoff ballot box and had to make the doomed drive down Highway 97 to battle the undefeated league champions and your hometown hero’s the Kelowna Raiders.
The stands were electric as waves of Vernon’s own packed in the house rocking the vibrant orange of their established community. Their show of loyalty and love is what this games is all about. Sadly, no one told the players.
#2 “The Sultan of Smack” Chris Phillips wasted no time laying down his scent in the centre circle and claiming dominion over the lesser tiger cats that came to play. Every draw managed to find its way forward to the streaking “Guelph Gunner” who pollinated the back of the net like a randy bee in a tulip garden.
Vernon, left reeling from the constant, waspish onslaught of the mud loving Raiders, turned to the tough stuff and started running the boards like a midnight train heading south. The Raiders knuckled up and responded with mitts off lacrosse as #15 Tarrin Davies dropped tarp and went to pound town USA. As the scent of tiger blood filled the arena the Raiders went full Sheen and put the big boys to prowl. #20 Evan Helgesen and #89 Cody “Chopper Read”Teichroeb circled the floor looking for takers but the midnight train was already headed back to Vernon. Teichroeb now circling an empty tank made the entrepreneurial decision to open his own cidery with all his apples.
Speaking of apples, It was Upside Cider night at Memorial and the Raiders were handing out swag to the fans for every power play goal. With #12 Andy Garant running the top spot on this 5 man swarm almost everyone in the arena got a prize! Finishing at 4 and 8 Garant decided to take a step back and let the rest of the offence have a crack.
Thunder buddies #33 Cory Siegner and #22
Darcy Rhodes were up to all their old school 90’s brand of lax putting away 4 and 4 with Siegner burying a cross crease diver that would require a full tub of tiger balm in the morning.
The Raiders Defence completely shut down their big shooters at the other end and the Tigers realized early in the match that they were stuck in the brambles and losing momentum.
Goaltending as always was immaculate.
As the cool night air finally made its way into the stands it added a bit of relief from the sting of the scoreboard. The orange clad fans of the Tigers realized a touch to late that they brought lilies to a swarm and were bound to get stung.
Raiders Win 18-5

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