2022 TOSLL Finals Game 1

Well Kelowna, pack up a cooler of frosty beverages, grab the kids and put on your Sunday best, we got mid July playoff lacrosse.
Your K-Town warriors were set last night to finally go to war on the floor against the Kamloops Rattlers. The Rattlers are coming off a big win against Raider rivals and defending champions the Armstrong Shamrocks and were talking more smack then a Rolling Stone’s hype man. Here we go “Brown Sugar”!
The Rattlers were sitting their veterans like AJ Lockwood to make room for the speed and cunning of younger, faster boys, unfortunately in the dog days of summer this is a sport that takes a man. Speaking of men, here… comes…the Raiders!
Before the Rattlers could even process the opening whistle #12 Andy “The Hometown Hero” Garant buried a beauty through a pit of rattlesnakes that had their venom leaking. 10 seconds later #19 “The Guelph Gunner” Mark Wilson completely defanged them with a low corner fast break shot on a perfectly exercised draw by your Kelowna paint man “The Sultan of Smack” Chris Phillips
Referee for the evening was the legendary Joe Wong, who, after a quick 2 Raider goals, decided to try and level the playing field. 6 minutes in penalties later and Kamloops was licking their scaly lips with a power play that packs a punch. The Bosher Brothers went to work on the top slots with thunderous shots from the outside and #31 Adam Gardner had some chances to unleash his Yankee Doodle “hey mom, I’m fighting for the blue coats” cannon of a shot. Unfortunately, much like Francis Key Scott they were stuck on the outside looking in as Kamloops couldn’t manage to penetrate the Raiders middle and Graham Cousins was eating up outside shots like Joey Chestnut at a hot dog eating contest on the 4th of July.
The Raiders responded with lightning speed fast breaks putting #33 Cory Siegner soaring into the air yet again, burying another cross crease diver and #22 Darcy Rhodes doing the same on the opposite side with his patented tuck and roll, 3 point landing. The good ol’ boys will be sore in the morning. Unwilling to stop the onslaught Rhodes continues to pester the net like a 1986 Dino Ciccarelli, finding a rebound and tucking it home.
With 2 short handed goals and the Raiders up 5 nothing in the first 10 minutes that was all she wrote for the Kamloops Rattlesnakes. Forced to slither their way through the next 50 minutes of pain and suffering the Rattlers stiffened their resolve and went for the tough stuff. Sadly for them the Raiders excel in this area of the game and the defence reached for the tinfoil.
#27 Will “The Thrill” Macintosh started laying out lefts to any takers while #5 Jesse “The Mountain” Aldridge went to work laying the lumber to lesser men trying to enter the zone. You could hear the murmuring winces from the O side of the Raiders bench, thankful they didn’t have to play against their own monstrous D.
To add insult to injury the fast break speed the Rattlers showed against Armstrong failed to make its way to Memorial while the boys in black have speed and size. #8 George Takaberry, #16 Jacob Mcmillian, #6 Chris Mondor and #9 Leigh Kanakin ran the floor like wild stallions chasing the freedom of the wind. Untouchable, untameable and unbreakable.
Goaltending as always was immaculate.
And as the cool night breeze off of Okanagan lake cooled the festive fans of Memorial Arena they watched the clock tick down to buzzer.
Raiders win Game 1. 11-4
We miss you Sean Blake, hope you come home soon!

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