2022 TOSLL Finals Game 2

The boys of summer took to the long, barren road to the Loops this Wednesday night to seal the deal for the TOSSL final and the coveted Rowcliff Cup
The Raiders showed up to play some lax but failed to receive the memo that this was a cage fight. The refs had left their whistles in the change room and the Rattlers D was poised to lay out some poison.
This didn’t stop The Guelph Gunner from popping a quick one to start the game but #1 Ethan Milobar would shut the gates and lock the door after that, holding the Raiders to only one more in the first.
On the other end the Raiders settled into a defensive stance executing perfect positioning. But the UFC memo was lost to the Raiders on both ends of the floor as Kamloops started setting picks more akin to a Zangief Spinning Piledriver from a 1991 Streetfighter marathon.
#14 Jeremy Bosher, held scoreless in Game 1, managed to take advantage of the ruthless picks making his way to the cage several times throughout the bout. A worthy adversary to any goalie in a one vs one showdown. First period ends 2-2.
Folks, I will tell you now I am a god fearing man, and every word I have read about the blazing furnace that is the depth of hell could not have prepared me for the lake of fire that was Kamloops Arena. You would think the sulphuric smell that pierced your nostrils was the good ol’ Pulp Mill, no ma’am it was the passing wind of horned demons and faceless winged creatures. It was hot, and the boys were beginning to drip the hopeless sweat of fatigue.
As the second period went under way #27 for the boys in black rallied the troops at both ends wth a classic Micky Goldmill speech that got Rocky Balboa up from the canvas one last time. The memo was received, and the game was on.
The boys game out the gate with the Eye of the Tiger and started to hand out their own “take no bullshit” brand of bravado as #6 Chris Mondor went wild near the benches jumping 2 Rattlesnakes at once. Amidst the melee, with no whistles yet to be seen, the floor was left empty for #15 Tarrin Davies to walk in and bury.
Back and forth, like the tides of hades, both sides fought through scorch and cinder, fighting for every inch of ground, sacrificing for every shot on net. Second period buzzer. 7-6 Snakes.
With beyond epic goaltending from both sides of the floor, goals were far and few between, but the lucky “clang” of hometown posts rang true through the haze of the Kamloops arena. So many times the Raiders offence fought to tie the game only to be denied by a goalies best friend. With legs and lungs falling into decay #7 Quinn “Saviour” Ramsey rose from depth of his own adrenaline and raced the floor with reckless abandon. Time and time again he rushed the length burying 2 and nearly a third as he matrix’d his way through the leg dead defence.
But in the end it wasn’t enough. Kamloops Rattlers chopped a leg off the giant Raiders in front of their modest hometown crowd. It was hard fought and well played and the Raiders, though beaten, tip their helmets and offer a cheers to the team that stole a perfect season. Rattlers win 10-8.
Friday night, Memorial Arena, the Raiders will look for revenge, and to hoist the cup in front of their fans!

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